Managed Kubernetes as a Service

Providus Kubernetes experts can help you seamlessly manage and scale your Kubernetes infrastructure for speed and performance.

Kubernetes is a container orchestration and management technology that helps businesses with large investments in containers manage and scale their environments quickly and efficiently. Without Kubernetes, managing containers manually can become time consuming, difficult and prone to error.

Our certified Kubernetes administrators and experts can help you deploy, maintain and support infrastructure and container-based workloads, reducing the risk and challenges of doing it yourself. We also work with you to automate and optimize your applications and environment, improving the deployment speed, performance and security of your workloads.

Managed Kubernetes operations

24/7/365 management of your Kubernetes operations, including monitoring, optimization, upgrades and more.

Kubernetes consulting & advisory

Our experts will advise you on which Kubernetes and cloud technologies are right for your business.

Providus managed Kubernetes components

With a specific focus on speed and security, we can help you run high availability operations 24/7/365 with Kubernetes deployments, optimized at scale, whether your workloads are on-premise or in the cloud.
We can deploy and manage client’s applications on Kubernetes clusters using leading cloud providers (AWS, GCP).