Managed Cloud Servers for Websites, Applications and Services

Our Virtual Dedicated Cloud Servers enable our users to run their workload (websites or applications) with more control, easy scaling and security.

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

Your websites will run faster, more reliable and scale with ease. Our Dedicated Cloud Servers provide 100% uptime and guaranteed consistent performance all while being backed by our Team of 24/7/365 Expert Support.

Expert Support - Management

Our team of Expert Support watches your server 24/7/365 and automatically take care of issues as they arise and even before they become a problem. We monitor critical metrics such as CPU, Memory, Disk Usage and response of your application to detect problems before they occur.

Our monitoring system also enable us to determine when your server will need an upgrade and we can inform you of a potential slow down before it happens, giving you time to scale as needed. In short we are always one step ahead of possible problem happening.

Server Monitoring

We’re the employees you would hire if you could. Responsive, helpful, and dedicated in ways automation simply can’t be. We’re your team; Monitoring your servers, mitigating risk, optimizing performance. And if you need advice or support, work with one of our Certified technicians quickly and on your first contact. We call it Expert Support.


We automatically protect your servers from Virus, Malware and Malicious Web Requests. Servers are continuously updated with the latest security updates, patches and WAF rules automatically without downtime or service impact.

Each server comes with preinstalled best practice configuration and optimized to keep hackers away. On top of securing the outside in, we secure the inside out with malware protection that automatically scans and quarantines files on the fly.

Data Backup & Recovery

Automatic daily backups come free with our Support. Backups are more than just a good idea – they’re an absolute requirement.

Data loss and unplanned downtime affect businesses every day — adding up to over $1.8 trillion dollars LOST annually. Ensure your business is protected with our comprehensive backup solution included at no extra charge with our Support.


We utilize the latest intel Xeon and KVM virtualization to provide the fastest server experience possible. Our servers utilize distributed storage (Ceph) which enables us to provide scalable storage volumes, and in the event of a hardware failure we can easily migrate your server to the next available host without substantial downtime. It’s so good, in fact, we back it with a 99.9999% Uptime SLA. You won’t be mad about that extra uptime!